Men's Basketball Lions Head to Nationals!

Men's Basketball Lions Head to Nationals!

COLUMBIA, SC – The Emmanuel Men's Basketball team continued their journey in the NCCAA South Region Championship defeating Warner University Royals, 94-107.

The Lions were led into their championship win by Elijah Robinson and Kendrick Colvin. Elijah Robinson had 32 points with 8 rebounds and Kendrick Colvin had 30 points with 9 rebounds. The team shot 60% from the field, 61% from the three, and 79% from the line.

Kendrick Colvin helped set the tone for the game firing off a couple 3-pointers followed by a dunk after stealing the ball and running solo down the court. Warner did not let the Lions get ahead too far before coming back and taking the lead, 23-22. Emmanuel gave away free throws allowing Warner to continue 35-28. After a stopping defense and a few three-pointers from Colton Collins and Derek Vandiver, the Lions pulled away with the lead 38-40. The first half ended with two technical fouls against Warner, allowing Elijah Robinson to add four points to the board. The Lions led 44-56 at the half.

Austin Greene was fouled at the start of the second going 2-2. Kendrick Colvin and Colton Collins fired off back-to-back 3-pointers followed by a dunk by Kendrick Colvin. Emerson McClung pushed his way down the court placing a dunk over Warner. The Lions led by eighteen, 51-69 as Kendrick Colvin had a steal and dunked over the Royals once again. Nathan Williams entered the game scoring a 3-pointer. The Lions added their 100th point to the board with a dunk by Austin Greene. Kendrick Colvin ended the game for the Lions with his last dunk of the game. The Lions defeated Warner, 94-107, and will continue to the NCCAA National Championship.

Emmanuel Men's Basketball will head to Lake Winona, IN to compete in the NCCAA National Championship. The first game for the Lions will be Wednesday, March 14th at 1:45 PM against College of the Ozarks.

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