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Emmanuel College Lions

Game Environment



Emmanuel College is committed to providing a family-friendly environment at all athletic contest. We promote and support an environment that encourages all student-athletes, coaches, and fans to demonstrate respect for each other, respect for the rules of the game and respect for the judgment of the officials.

Emmanuel College will: 

• Provide a Game Day Manager at all home contests as a main contact for any needs or issues among the visiting team, coaches, refs, and staff. 

• Provide an Athletic Trainer at all home contests to prep and care for both home and visiting teams.

• Educate the Emmanuel College Athletic Department on good sportsmanship.

• Have a zero tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior by athletes or fans.

Conference Carolinas Sportsmanship Statement:

The Presidents, Faculty Athletics Representatives, Athletics Directors, Senior Women Administrators and coaches in the conference are committed to maintaining sportsmanship and healthy competitive environments. The conference will strive to promote environments that are hospitable; the conference does not believe that it is desirable to create a hostile environment for intercollegiate athletic contests. The members believe that part of the mission of intercollegiate athletic programs, within an educational context, should be to set an example for students and communities of how to act with sportsmanship and respect for opponents.

Therefore, Conference Carolinas expects all participants to treat opponents and officials with respect. Failure to do so may lead to penalties. Trash talking, taunting, baiting, celebrations that demean opponents, vulgar or profane language, intimidating actions, fighting, attempts to injure, and any other malicious or violent conduct may be penalized by contest officials and/or the conference. At the same time, the conference has no desire to take away the joy and exuberance that naturally occurs following an exciting play or contest. Rather, the intent of the conference is to encourage sportsmanship and honest competition.