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Emmanuel College Lions


Emmanuel College places the highest value on academic honesty and integrity. All student athletes are expected to uphold Christian character in regard to academic plagiarism and to follow all college academic plagiarism policies as set forth in the College catalog and/or student handbook.



Institutional academic policies and procedures are contained in the Emmanuel College catalog. Student athletes are responsible for reading and familiarizing themselves with these policies. Please especially note the following areas of interest specifically for student athletes:




Each freshman must have successfully passed nine semester hours or its equivalent of the first term’s work in which he/she was enrolled as a full-time student. All freshmen in a fall sport are eligible for the first semester of competition if deemed a qualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

In the event that a student athlete (Freshman or Transfer) is initially academically ineligible or (redshirted), team participation (practice, meetings, etc.) is permitted, upon the coach’s approval; however, a redshirt may NOT miss any class, class obligations or other academic accomodation due to a team function.

Minimum Grade Point Average:

To participate in athletics (except for first semester freshmen) a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 shall be required of all athletes representing Emmanuel College in intercollegiate competition.

Athletes will also maintain the minimum NCAA DII eligibility requirements as outlined by the NCAA (Add NCAA eligibility link here) . Failure to maintain the required NCAA DII GPA will disqualify you from participation. Athletes may attempt to re-qualify by re-attaining the required GPA.



During the course of the semester each student athlete will have at least 3 academic “check-ups”.  These occur during the 4th week of the semester, mid-term, and during the 11th  week of the semester.  If at any of those check-ups a student athlete has multiple (2 or more) unsatisfactory grades (D or F), that student will immediately lose their right to all athletic participation.  Athletic participation will be re-instated on a case by case basis after meeting with the Assistant Athletic Director of Academics.  Also, if at any point during the semester, a faculty member reports a student athlete through the Bridge Early Alert System for unsatisfactory academic progress that student may lose their right to athletic participation.  Those students referred through the Bridge will be managed on a case by case basis by meeting with the Assistant Athletic Director of Academics.


Transfer Hours:

To participate as a transfer student, one must meet the cumulative GPA requirements stated in the Emmanuel College catalog and in the NCAA rules.


Calculation of GPA:

GPA is based on a 4.00 system. For the sake of definition, all GPAs shall be rounded to two decimal points.


Minimum Credits Earned: Continue toward graduation 

  • Second season--Prior to the second season, he/she must have passed 24 semester hours toward graduation.
  • Third season--Prior to the third season, he/she must have passed 48 semester hours.
  • Fourth season--Prior to the fourth season, he/she must have passed 72 hours toward graduation. He/she must declare a major and be working toward that degree program.
  • He/she must have passed 24 credit hours in the preceding two semesters including summer and winter term courses. All eligibility credit hours must be working toward degree program



Attendance remains conducive to academic success as student athletes are expected to attend all of their classes.  However, students are allowed by the College to miss classes to compete in intercollegiate athletic contests but are not allowed to miss classes to participate in practice sessions. Further, student athletes should not expect to be excused from classes the day after road trips.

Student athletes are expected to complete all their class assignments and take all quizzes/ examinations in a timely manner. Absences due to road trips do NOT excuse the athlete from completing assignments or taking exams by the date requested by the professor. Student athletes are not allowed to miss class or make up assignments for practice.  The student athletes are required to inform their professor at least ONE WEEK in advance if they will be missing class for an athletic contest. Again, it is the student-athlete’s responsibility to know: 1) what assignments each professor requires, 2) when the assignments are due, and 3) what the consequences are for not following a given professor’s policy.



The goal and responsibility of the Academic Success Program is the implementation of services which assist, direct, support and promote student development, academic achievement, academic athletic eligibility, and progress toward graduation. The design of these services and programs will recognize the importance of a culturally diverse environment and will facilitate the student ‘s academic commitment, performance, and responsibility. The services and programs will be congruent with the institution ‘s educational mission and its academic policies and procedures.


DASH (Directed Athletic Study Hall) Program

The DASH program is objective based and designed to help student-athletes’ study efficiently and effectively. An individual academic plan can be created by the Assistant Athletic Director of Academic Success specifically for each student-athlete who is identified as having an academic concern. The focus is on getting tasks successfully accomplished and to study effectively.  Students who have been conditionally accepted as freshmen or any transfer or returning student that has a GPA below 2.0 will be required 4 hours of DASH each week.  For all other student athletes, the DASH program is available as needed.



The Lion Way is designed to provide students with additional support as they begin the college experience.  Often, students are not fully equipped to succeed on their own in the college environment.  The LION WAY is established to put students in close contact with faculty and with other members of the Emmanuel community.  The LION WAY serves students’ academic, social, personal and spiritual needs.



The Counseling office is staffed with concerned, trained clinicians under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and provides daily hours. These services are completely confidential. Hours and procedures are posted outside the Counseling Center, which provides individual and group counseling, as well as workshops. Students may seek confidential counseling for a variety of reasons: interpersonal conflicts, eating and weight problems, substance abuse, academic concerns, relationship problems, loss of a significant person or relationship, or simply the need for support.


Counseling Center

Student Development Building

(706) 245-2715

Campus Ministry

Student Development Building

(706) 245-2887



The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides students with a variety of academic assistance and resources. Students are encouraged to set up appointments for assistance with essays, class assignments, study skills, or test/quiz preparation. The services are free. 

The ARC is located on the bottom floor of the Aaron Building.

Academic Resource Center  -  Aaron Building Zero Floor   -   (706) 245-2633



The Shaw-Leslie Library provides print and electronic media for the campus of Emmanuel College.  Books, periodicals, reference, and computer resources can be obtained by presenting your ID. Copies are also available in the library for five cents per copy.



The role of the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) is to provide oversight and advice in the administration of the athletic program, and to protect the academic and ethical credibility of the faculty and administration. The FAR has several responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To ensure either directly or indirectly that student-athletes meet all NCAA, conference and institutional requirements for eligibility for practice, financial aid and intercollegiate competition.

Faculty Athletic Representative: Dr. Jonathan Howell  (706) 245-7226 EXT. 2622 or



Emmanuel College and the Athletic Department attempts to foster a better understanding of the mission and application of intercollegiate athletics at Emmanuel, and how athletics support the College’s educational and spiritual mission. The LIONS DEN program recruits faculty members from a variety of academic disciplines who volunteer to spend time with various teams in meetings, devotionals, practice, games, travel and other events.

The objectives

  •  To provide a more quality experience for student-athletes by strengthening relationships between faculty, coaches, and student-athletes.
  •  To consistently bring awareness to the college community of the mission and purpose of intercollegiate athletics and their outcomes on the development of the whole person.
  •  To strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ through Christian community.