Lions Trump Over Erskine

Lions Trump Over Erskine

Franklin Springs, G.A.- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team took on the Erskine Fleet. The Lions took a fourth straight victory with a final score of 54-75. The top scorers of tonight's game were Derek Vandiver and Kurtis Robinson. Zach Lillie snagged the most rebounds of the game.

Kurtis Robinson started out the scoring for the Lions. He put up his first two points of the game. Ronnie Stanley followed sinking his first 3-pointer of the game. Kurtis Robinson drove down the court to dunk over Erskine in the first three minutes of the game. Kurtis Robinson started the game off right. He came through with back-to-back shots. Zach Lillie put up a huge block on a shot by Erskine. Kurtis Robinson with a steal assisting Austin Greene with a layup. Ronnie Stanley followed with his second 3-pointer. Austin Greene finished a shot from Zach Lillie for two points. Colton Collins made his first 3-pointer with an assist from Derek Vandiver. Kurtis Robinson was fouled on a layup and made his free throw. Derek Vandiver cleared his first two 3-pointers. He snagged a defensive rebound and Zach Lillie made a layup. That would end the first half with a score 18-41.

After losing the ball to Erskine at the start of the half, Zach Lillie made a layup. Ronnie Stanley boosted the Lions spirit with his third 3-pointer. Colton Collins was set up for a 3-pointer, but the ball bounced off and Erskine grabbed the rebound. The Lions worked the ball around to Ronnie Stanley who cleared his fourth 3-pointer. Austin Greene was fouled after an offensive rebound and made one free throw. Ronnie Stanley rebounded his own missed shot to fight through and make a layup. Defense was played well by the Lions keeping a 2-point lead most of the half. Derek Vandiver recovered from a missed shot with his third 3-pointer. Colton Collins was covered, but managed to pass to Derek Vandiver who was good for his fifth 3-pointer. Kurtis Robinson snagged a defensive rebound and Derek Vandiver was fouled on a layup. Kurtis Robinson was fouled and made one of his free throws. Kuris Robinson would be fouled again off a layup and made his free throw. Nick Scheimann made his first two 3-pointers of the game with an assist by Ronnie Stanley. The game would end with a 3-pointer from Colton Collins. The final score of the game was 54-75.

The Lions now hold an overall of 16-10, with a Carolina Conference record of 11-7. They will be on the road playing Barton on Saturday Feb. 18th. That game will begin at 4:00 P.M.

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