The Lions Dominated The Falcons

The Lions Dominated The Falcons

Franklin Springs, Ga- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team shut down the Pfieffer Falcons. Pfieffer had a record of 7-1 with an average score of 115 in their past five games. The Lions stopped the Falcons and pulled out a victory with a final score of 84-91. The Lions played a great game of defense and offense. The top scorers of the game were Emerson McClung, Austin Greene, Colton Collins, and Ronnie Stanley. Emerson McClung and Ronnie Stanley pulled out the most rebounds of the game.

The first half of this intense game started out with a huge block and defensive rebound by Emerson McClung. Zach Vess put up the first two points of the game after rebounding a missed shot by Colton Collins. Zach Vess made a huge block and Emerson McClung scored the next two points of the game. Colton Collins then scored the first 3-pointer of the game, with an assist by Zach Lillie. Emerson McClung put up his first 3-pointer of the game. The Lions were leading 6-10, but the Falcons tied the game up due to four free throws. With a turnover by the Falcons, Ronnie Stanley charged down the court with his first 3-pointer of the game, with an assist by Zach Lillie. Zach Lillie made the next three points, including a free throw. As the score stayed close together, Emerson McClung had an open ally and drove the ball down to make the first dunk of the game. Emerson then got a defensive rebound and made a layup, with an assist by Ronnie Stanley. The Falcons stole the ball from Emerson McClung, but was shut down by a block from Zach Lillie. Colton Collins retrieved the rebound and put up his second and third 3-pointers of the game, with an assist on the third one by Ronnie Stanley. The Falcons regained the lead 31-29, but Ronnie Stanley tied the game up with two free throws. Kurtis Robinson was fouled next, making one of his free throws and Ronnie Stanley followed again making one of his. Emerson McClung saw a chance and took when he stole the ball from the Falcons, but then lost it. Ronnie Stanley got the defensive rebound from the Falcons, passing to Austin Greene who assisted Colton Collins with his fourth 3-pointer of the game. Austin Greene was fouled, which would end the first half of the game. The Lions ended up being down one point, 41-40.

Zach Lillie started out the second half with a block on Pfeiffer. Emerson McClung put up the first two points of the half and was followed by Zach Vess scoring two points as well. The Lions were still down by one point when Emerson McClung stole the ball from the Falcons and Zach Lillie made a layup. Zach Vess and Emerson McClung were both fouled in the next two minutes and both added four points to the board. Kurtis Robinson came out with a steal passing to Emerson McClung who made a jump shot bringing the Lions up 47-52. Ronnie Stanley made a layup followed by a huge block by Zach Vess. Over the next three minutes, Austin Greene and Kurtis Robinson made several free throws. The Lions were now down 70-68. With five minutes left in the game the Lions really needed to secure their lead. To tie the game up, Zach Vess charged down the court, jumped, and dunked the ball. Emerson McClung added two points, along with Ronnie Stanley who added two free throws to the board. Zach Vess had another huge block, but then the Falcons were fouled. Three free throws were made to tie the game up 74-74. Then, Austin Greene allowed the Lions to regain the lead 74-76 with two free throws, but the Falcons came back and tied the game yet again. Having enough of the back and forth, Ronnie Stanley pulled the Lions into the lead with a layup. Colton Collins reassured the lead when he pulled out his fifth 3-pointer of the game. Austin Greene made four more free throws and his first 3-pointer of the game. The Lions were now up 84-90. The Lions had it in the bag when the Falcons missed multiple opportunities to come back. Austin Greene made one final free throw to end the game. The game had a final score of 84-91.

The Men's Lions now hold an overall record of 8-4, with a conference record of 3-1. The Lions will take a break for Christmas and then play away against Belmont Abbey on January 3rd. That game will be at 12:00 P.M.

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