Lions victory over Bob Jones

Lions victory over Bob Jones

Greenville, SC- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team played up against Bob Jones. The Lions have defeated Bob Jones every game they have played against each other and tonight was no different. Bob Jones kept the score closer than usual, but the final score was 98-93. The top scorers for the Lions were Colton Collins scoring 21, Austin Green and Emerson McClung both scoring 20 points each. The Lions also welcomed back Kurtis Robinson and Ronnie Stanley. Robinson scored 6 points and Stanley scored 13.

The first half of the game started out with good defense from both teams. There was a slight struggle to get the first points up on the board, but Emerson McClung put up a 3-pointer for the Lions to start the scoring off. Bob Jones soon took over the lead with the score being 3-5. The Lions tied the game up, but Bob Jones took the lead once again. To push themselves in fron Emerson McClung came through scoring his second 3-pointer of the night, with an assist by Austin Greene. Following him, Ronnie Stanley rebounded a missed 3-pointer from Bob Jones and in return scored his first 3-pointer of the night with an assist from Emerson McClung. The Lions now held a lead over Bob Jones, 13-8. The Lions lost the lead, but did not let that stop them. Austin Greene added five points to the board from a jump shot and his first 3-pointer of the game. Colton Collins then scored his first 3-pointer of the game, with an assist by Austin Greene. Zach Lillie rebounded from a missed jump shot by Bob Jones leading to Kurtis Robinson putting up two points to tie the game 23-23. Bob Jones regained their lead, but in attempt to bring the Lions back Colton Collins scored his second 3-pointer of the game, followed by two points by Zach Lillie. Colton Collins then came and sunk his third 3-pointer. The score was now 36-37 with two minutes left in the game. Bob Jones had managed to score seven points on the Lions and with 11 seconds left, Ronnie Stanley recovers his own missed 3-pointer to pass to Austin Greene who made a layup and added the last two points of the half. The score going into the second half was 38-44.

A foul started out the second half allowing Bob Jones to increase their lead to a 10-point lead. Zach Lillie made a jump shot and then was fouled where he made his free throw. Zach Lillie added another two points to the board followed by five points by Austin Greene. The score was now 48-53 and to shrink the gap, Colton Collins makes his fourth 3-pointer, with an assist by Ronnie Stanley. Ronnie Stanley makes his second 3-pointer with an assist by Kurtis Robinson. The Lions were only down by five and Zach Lillie made a jump shot adding two points to the board. Now, the Lions were only down by three points. Ronnie Stanley tied the game up with his third 3-pointer with an assist by Austin Greene. The score was now 59-59. At this point, the fans did not know who would take over the lead. Ronnie Stanley stole the ball from Bob Jones and made a layup, allowing the Lions to regain the lead for the first time since the first half. Sam Turner and Kurtis Robinson both added two points to the board. Bob Jones tied the game help and held the lead by one point for a second, but the Lions regained due to a layup by Ronnie Stanley. The game was a close one for the next few minutes, until Bob Jones was leading the Lions by seven points. Colton Collins sunk two more 3-pointers, which would make a total of 6 for the game. A few fouls happened on both sides and Austin Greene would tie the game up for the final time. Emerson Mcclung was fouled three times and added six points to the board to end the game. The final score of the game was 98-93.

The Men's Basketball Team now hold a 5-4 record overall, with a conference record of 2-1. The Lions will play at home on Saturday Nov. 10th against Brewton Parker. This game will begin at 4:00 P.M.

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